Adopted family gets home

Teresa, her husband Allan Kempe, 36, son Alaska, 2, and Eve, moved to Ashland in December after they left a Arizona trailer park in November for personal reasons. By the time they reached Ashland, the family had only $200 to their name. The couple had stayed in Ashland six years ago after hitchhiking on their honeymoon and feel in love with the town.

Kempe, a carpenter, found a job recently in construction. But he does not receive his first month’s salary until next month. While his work place gave him a $340 advance, it was not enough to pay for an apartment.

Bush said while the family has had financial difficulty before, this was the first time they had ever lived in a car and a tent with the children.

She decided to go the Interfaith Care Community of Ashland (ICCA ) for assistance.

“I’ve never had to ask for help before, but I will do anything for my kids,” Bush said.

ICCA’s housing manager, Jean Halliam, gave her names of churches and other organizations that could assist her.

Help also came from the residents of Skylark Assisted Living & Enhanced Care in Ashland.


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