I use to be a fan of Dennis Miller. From his days on SNL to his HBO Live broadcasts, Miller’s commentaries were always cutting edge. Miller represented the average guy wielding a sarcastic wit like a weapon against the powerful. Miller railed against the hypocricy found in politics and the media. In one rant he described politics as ” … desicated party aparatchics, megalomaniacal bzillionaires and totalitarian fanatics who think that Pol Pot deserves a posthumous McArthur grant. ” Negative advertising he called “mean spirited, intellectually dishonest and (most importantly) brutally effective” and television was labeled “a continuously expanding black hole of filthy lucre and misinformation. ” But that was 1996. When hard times hit on 911, Miller decided “hell, sacrifice is for suckers, and now he is back and now he’s conservative. Yep, its Bizarro World and Dennis Miller sold out to such a degree he makes Cheech Martin look Tommy Chong. I dont want to get on rant here, but Dennis Miller shilling for the republicans makes about as much sense as Paris Hilton’s shopping spree at the Dollar Tree. Does he even realize what of pathetic freekshow he will be part of? Arnold Schwartzeneger is his first guest, but why not? Schwartzenegger’s campaign manager is Miller’s new producer. Miller says Bush is off limits. “I’m going to give him a pass. I take care of my friends.” Yea I bet, its only a matter of time before we see Miller and OJ together at a golf course looking for the real killers. There is nothing more pathetic than some sarcastic blowhard attacking the underdog. Miller has lost his edge and now is nothing more than a propaganda monkey. The new conservative media whore is farther to the right than a bicyclist on the autobahn. Everyone who though Miller was an ass then is kissing his now. Even Ann Coulter is growing a gotee. But this can’t last forever, Miller goes though jobs faster than Rush goes through Mexican pharmicists. Listen Dennis, I hope the pay is good because it cost you your soul. This ride isn’t going to last forever, but your punishment will. Think about it, this ain’t no SNL aftershow party, in Conservative Hell there won’t be anyone to score your weed for you. But that’s just my opinion. I could be wrong.


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