I was thinking of the differences between Liberals and Conservatives and realized that it was easier (and accurate) to compare Baseball and Golf.

Baseball is America’s game. Baseball players are frequently minorities and represent the working class. From little league to the World Series, baseball appeals to every American.

Golf is a game of the rich and elite. Participation based more on status and position. Minorities are rarely represented. The poor is out of sight.

Baseball is played for the benefit of communities and appeals to group participation and a democratic spirit. It promotes society working together. Fans gather and identify as a group. Profits remain in the community.

Golf is played on a private courses that exclude most outsiders. Players can opt out of society to stroll an artificial environment designed to appear natural. Spectators are invited and crowds are small as the mass audience can only watch on tv.

Baseball has coaches, Golf has caddies.

Bball players rely on affordable tools and community resources when playing. Bball can be enjoyed by anyone, no matter their status. Golfers rely on private resources, hi-tech and expensive gear. Only status, connections or payoffs will allow access to the coveted courses.

Baseball is played as a team sport requiring strategy and cooperation among diverse groups. Golf is a individual sport, dependent on ones ability, resources and luck.

In baseball you wear a cup, understanding how important it is to protect the family (jewels), in golf you wear a silly hat, real personal risk is to be avoided. (thats what the caddies are for)

Bball has umpires who mediate by rule and active media coverage to ensure an accurate game. Golf offers mulligans and a passive press that dare not speak above a whisper.

Golf is played by Republicans. It is considered a genleman’s game. You report your own score and take your own penalties.

Baseball teams are owned by Republicans who provide jobs for many. Good paying jobs in fact.


Baseball has beer, Golf has beer…

Well, finally something we can agree on.


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