What Does a School Board Do?

A school board's major responsibility is setting district policy. The board hires a superintendent who in turn hires staff to put policies into practice. The superintendent is accountable to the school board for managing the district according to board policies.

Because they serve the community, board members must engage the public in establishing the mission and direction of education. It?s up to the school board to lead the way in building community involvement and support for public education. They are the district?s vital link to the public ? as well as advocates for public education.

A board member must be a skilled decision-maker and team player. Board decisions are made by majority at public meetings. Each board member has one vote.

As a public employer, the board establishes the policies that govern the recruitment, employment, supervision, evaluation and dismissal of employees.

Board members also make decisions related to the following:
Establishing budgets;
Asking voters to approve bond measures and local option levies for facilities and operations;
Guiding collective bargaining;
Community engagement;
Adopting curriculum and textbooks to meet Oregon?s Educational Act for the 21st Century; and
Choosing transportation systems.

From the Oregon School Boards Association


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