The Issues:

AFN/Fiscal Responsibility

With the City of Ashland budget topping $100 million this fiscal year and the Ashland Fiber Network $15.5 million in debt, critics who have long argued that “The Republic of Ashland” should scale back may have more ammunition this fall. Read more…


Standing Stone Brewing Co. co-owner and Ashland City Councilor Alex Amarotico is not seeking reelection this November, prompting some to wonder if the council will have any members to look after business interests. Read more…

Mt. Ashland

Ashland City Council incumbents could face a backlash or gain support based on votes concerning the Mt. Ashland Ski and Snowboard Resort expansion. Read more…

Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is a perennial issue in Ashland, and this November, voters will have a direct say on one aspect of the debate. Read more…


Ashland Police Department has numerous avenues in which it might enter the political arena during this campaign as the election comes right as the community will begin to form a community policing task force as well as a process to hire a new full-time chief. Read more…


Growth and new development are always hot button issues in Ashland and this election will not likely be any exception. Read more…

Downtown Vision

Ashland has been starting and stopping a downtown planning process for the better part of two years but the matter became a 2006 campaign issue the moment the council and mayor voted not to hire a Portland consulting firm to complete the process after paying them $10,000 to begin it. Read more…


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