Fordyce St. Cohousing Community

FSCC is in the process of building our 13 household community on Fordyce Street in Ashland, Oregon. There will be a public Orientation Saturday, November 4th at 2-4 pm

call 773-8402 for location and packet info or email


One response to “Fordyce St. Cohousing Community

  1. This is interesting!!!My wife and I are considering moving to ashland because from what i researched it sounds like home to us.My wife and i are currently living in a cohousing situation called pierson st. ecohood-a permaculture based community of 4 houses joined together. in downtown phoenix.phoenix is a little harsh to us and we are looking for a nature based ecofreindly quiet environment with artistic wife and i are interested in work trade “woofing” for this season as a way of easing into the community. we are interested in cohousing as a affordable way to enter the community and then would eventually get our own small place in a ecovillage or affordable cottage.Fordyce st. cohousing community might need some good murals or custom faux finishes done with no voc paints proffesional finish with a earthy spiritual feel to it to enlighten the atmosphere?I would like more info on how the project is going and possibly some good vibes sent our way to help us find a nuturing place for the both of us to settle down for a bit

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