Hike the Mt Ashland Expansion

Please share this invitation, spending a day in the expansion area really has a huge effect on people. Approximately 40 people, who have not previously been into the expansion area, have joined hikes in the last few weeks and been blown away that construction including a road, ski runs, parking lot…. are planned for this incredibly delicate area. We are now into autumn and there is still a ton of water in the lower wetland areas, the streams are still flowing, the meadows are green, please join us on a hike. Be prepared, wear good boots, bring food and water and wear layers. We have had hikers of all ages and fitness levels, we are looking to discourage no one…. but advise being prepared for a strenuous and amazing day. Wednesday October 4th Eric Navickas will lead carpool meet-up at Evo’s Java Lounge 9am Saturday October 21st Tom Dimitre will lead carpool meet-up at Headwaters, 4th & C streets 9am

To summarize the legal situation: Judge Panner has filed his ruling with the court in favor of the Forest Service but has not released a written opinion. The opinion contains details needed for the plaintiffs to craft their appeals. The plaintiffs are seeking an injunction/temporary restraining order that would prevent any logging or disturbance to the expansion area until appeals are heard in the 9th Circuit Court. There is no guarantee of receiving an injunction. The expansion project remains imminent. The City of Ashland appears on guard in their dealing with the Mt Ashland Association. MAA has told the city that they’ll hold off until 10/20, but once they have their timber sale contract from the Forest Service it will be up to MAA when to start cutting. The council voted on Tuesday 9/26 to give city staff the authority to hire additional legal council if they feel they need it. The legal issues are complex and include MAAs lack of compliance with the 9/05 resolution passed by the Council. To look further at documents involving the Forest Service and Mt Ashland follow this link to the City website: http://www.ashland.or.us/Page.asp?NavID=1511 This link will lead you to Tidings articles on Mt Ashland: http://www.dailytidings.com/mtashland/

Contact Name: Tracy Harding
Business Name: reclamation@riseup.net
Contact Phone Number: 541 488-7884


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