Save Our Schools & Playgrounds

SOSP LogoSave Our Schools & Playgrounds (SOSP) supports Ashland, Oregon schools and the preservation of school playgrounds and playing fields for use as neighborhood parks.

Founded in 2004, the local, non-profit group, Save our Schools & Playgrounds, strives to support Ashland public schools, while also doing what it can to preserve school playgrounds for use as neighborhood parks.

We believe that neighborhood parks are critical to our quality of life in Ashland. Our efforts over the past year and a half have been focused primarily on preserving the two school playgrounds and playing fields at the recently closed elementary schools, Briscoe and Lincoln, for continued use by the community as dedicated parks.

Our task force, which formed in January 2005, has been studying and exploring funding options that would enable the community to preserve Briscoe & Lincoln playgrounds. The task force concludes its work in November, 2005, and the report will be available on our website soon.

Both Briscoe & Lincoln playgrounds are treasured community assets that contribute to the livability, health, and vitality of the neighborhoods in which they are located. These playgrounds are highly valued by the scores of children and families that use these parks each and every day.

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One response to “Save Our Schools & Playgrounds

  1. Keep up the search SOSP! There are alternative funding options available. Playgrounds can play a crucial part in the development of children and the benefits of play have been well documented. Check out for a possible leads to grant money… take care and keep playing!

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