All About Ashland

 The latest hyper-local multimedia production venture is All About Ashland.  Offering a variety of digital production and distribution services, custom video podcasts …counter the negative effects of mass media by providing free and easy access to positive, creative, thought provoking, and inspiring information about what’s going on in people’s lives and in the community

Mary Gabriel
Mary Gabriel
Producer and Creator of All About Ashland, LLC

The Shows:

“Reel Talk” is an online talk show featuring inspiring interviews and stories from the plethora of amazing people in the community. Here you will meet artists, actors, volunteers, healers, students, teachers and more! “Reel Talk” will reveal the lives and works of the guests and increase the viewers’ appreciation for the special people that make this community great!

“After Hours” follows the nightlife and other special things that can only happen after dark (PG rated of course!)

“The Biz Buzz” introduces you to local businesses and gets you up close and personal! All About Ashland takes you into the store to see what fabulous things are offered, changes that are happening and perhaps a special offer or two!

“Outer Scope” covers everything outside the other shows. Here you might see what is happening in the park, art exhibits, special events, parades, festivals, concerts and more.


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