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OMI Reader Contest: Create Your Own Ad

Inspired by WUSA, OMI is asking you to go out there with whatever you’ve got–borrowed gear at your station, a cellphone cam, stitched-together stills, even–and shoot a commercial for your favorite media outlet. Print, TV or radio. Post it on YouTube …


GLCC Catches Filmmaker’s Eye

Gorge Local Currency Cooperative will hold a potluck Friday, February 2nd at Acre Coffee (corner of State and 13th in Hood River) beginning at 6:30 pm. This is an opportunity for member networking, public education, and discussion of “the moneyshot,” a documentary by Alan Rosenblith, segments of which will be filmed in the Gorge. The mechanics of local currency may seem complicated. But how many of us actually understand the intricacies of the Federal Reserve System? It is often easy to confuse simplicity with familiarity. Not surprisingly, the highly successful RiverHOURS cooperative network, with over fifty local member businesses and a newspaper/trade directory published quarterly, have attracted both national and international attention. More Here

KPTV under A-Tack

Someone has taken his dislike of KPTV to the extreme, apparently. From a memo circulated today at 12:

For the second time in as many weeks, someone has purposely dumped piles of roofing nails in front of our building out on Greenbrier. Last time, it was only in front of the one employee entrance driveway – this time it was in front of all three of them. PLEASE check your tires and watch out. We’ve cleaned them up again. We’ve notified the Cornell Oaks Park office and the Beaverton Police Department about this. We will also be taking other means to attempt to catch the person(s) doing this if they try it again.

Producing in a New Media World

Presented by the Oregon Film and Video Office
February 22nd and 23rd, 2007

Designed to bring together traditional filmmakers and videographers as well as producers of streaming media of all types, this workshop is intended to demonstrate ways to provide content for podcasts, vidcasts, the small screen.

Sponsored in part by the Riverplace Hotel the workshop will include presentations by the following new media professionals-

Mary Hodder, – Steve Kerho, Nissan America – Alex Williams, Splashcast – John Anthony Hartman, Feedia – Jaimie Chvotkin, Film Baby – Dana Plautz, Ind. Media Consultant – David Woolson, 45th Parallel Pictures – Josh Bancroft, Tinyscreenfuls – Dalen Harrison, Ensequence – Kevin Felts, Allied Vaughn – Rod Pittman, Ind. Media Consultant – Dan Kaufman, Crank My Chain – Anna Johns, The Delta Project – Jason Ruby, Morley Studios

Thursday, Feb. 22nd: “Tools and Technology”
Topics include:Where is Media Going? Identifying traditional production models in a portable media world
Creating a Podcast Studio, Hardware and software needs
Accessing Tools, What’s available, what’s new and where do I get it?
How We’re Webcasting, The how-to from successful local webcasters.
Friday, Feb. 23rd: “Marketing and Monetizing”
Topics include:Integrating New Media into Marketing Strategies
Streaming and Digital Downloads, New markets for indie film
Distribution and Consumption, How changing technology affects distribution and consumption  Branded Entertainment, The world between commercials and product placement Web 2.0, Finding ourselves in the new world
The cost of the workshop is $50 for both days and includes lunch on both days.

To request a brochure and registration information please email the Film Office at:

9/11 Accountability on This American Activist

This American ActivistThis American Activist show features Kent Knudson of the 9/11 Truth Arizona group who is hosting a 9/11 Accountability Conference Feb 23rd-25th in Chandler Arizona, go to

Also we chatted with Tom Tveden of 911 Truth Arkansas who runs the 911 DVD project where people can order super inexpensive DVDs about 911 to pass out to others or show themselves, go to Tom has sent out 20-30,000 DVDs about 911 across the country.

The American Activist salutes Kent and Tom as dedicated American Activists!


This American Activist is a weekly program showcasing the grassroots citizen activist.  Issues discussed include 9/11 investigation and voting accountibility.  With host Dr. Lora Chamberlain.  12-2 PM at

Technology’s trash, tomorrow’s treasures

Computer Drop Off

One person’s trash is an others treasure and Jon Dowd certainly understands this.  Instead of polluting the earth, his recycled technology is empowering and enriching lives.

Jon Dowd operates Computer Drop Off, a local operation dedicated to recycling and re-using discarded and outdated technology.  The vast majority of the donations are recycled or donated back to the community while non-usable components are shipped to approved ethical and environmentally conscious recyclers.

Here in Ashland. we have made a tremendous investment in our technology assets.  With Ashland Fiber Network, for example, we have a state-of-the art digital infrastructure that is mostly out of reach from those who could benefit the most from this technology.

Salvaging computers helps prevent E-trash and puts Internet tools in the hands of the less-fortunate. Computers are filled with toxic components, lead and other heavy metals.  It is a good idea to treat discarded computers as hazardous waste.  Irresponsible disposal in landfills poisons the soil and groundwater. Tons of discarded systems are dumped in third world nations for scraps, but improper recycling practices can poison workers and communities. Responsible consumers must look for the best options.  Donations to non-profits are tax deductible and is good for the soul.

Computer Drop Off offers commercial pick-up services.
Computer Drop Off is located in the Talent Mini-Storage, Space 169
100 W. Rapp Rd., Talent Oregon map & directions
Hours of operation:
Saturday Only – Noon~4pm
Write to: info at  or visit


Interfaith Care Community of Ashland’s Steve Hansen and Gary Beamer pose with CDO principal Jon Dowd at ICCA’s new Internet Access Computer Lab. The four donated computers help ICCA’s clients job-search, stay in touch with family members and access the internet.

Interfaith Care Community of Ashland (ICCA)
2200 Ashland St., Ashland 482-0518.

ICCA is a multi-faith organization that provides emergency and other services to families and individuals in need. Services include: gas vouchers, limited emergency shelter, presciptions, clothing and furnishings, emergency food, and use of its telephone for local calls to find jobs and housing. In-house laundry and handicapped assessable shower is available.