Technology’s trash, tomorrow’s treasures

Computer Drop Off

One person’s trash is an others treasure and Jon Dowd certainly understands this.  Instead of polluting the earth, his recycled technology is empowering and enriching lives.

Jon Dowd operates Computer Drop Off, a local operation dedicated to recycling and re-using discarded and outdated technology.  The vast majority of the donations are recycled or donated back to the community while non-usable components are shipped to approved ethical and environmentally conscious recyclers.

Here in Ashland. we have made a tremendous investment in our technology assets.  With Ashland Fiber Network, for example, we have a state-of-the art digital infrastructure that is mostly out of reach from those who could benefit the most from this technology.

Salvaging computers helps prevent E-trash and puts Internet tools in the hands of the less-fortunate. Computers are filled with toxic components, lead and other heavy metals.  It is a good idea to treat discarded computers as hazardous waste.  Irresponsible disposal in landfills poisons the soil and groundwater. Tons of discarded systems are dumped in third world nations for scraps, but improper recycling practices can poison workers and communities. Responsible consumers must look for the best options.  Donations to non-profits are tax deductible and is good for the soul.

Computer Drop Off offers commercial pick-up services.
Computer Drop Off is located in the Talent Mini-Storage, Space 169
100 W. Rapp Rd., Talent Oregon map & directions
Hours of operation:
Saturday Only – Noon~4pm
Write to: info at  or visit


Interfaith Care Community of Ashland’s Steve Hansen and Gary Beamer pose with CDO principal Jon Dowd at ICCA’s new Internet Access Computer Lab. The four donated computers help ICCA’s clients job-search, stay in touch with family members and access the internet.

Interfaith Care Community of Ashland (ICCA)
2200 Ashland St., Ashland 482-0518.

ICCA is a multi-faith organization that provides emergency and other services to families and individuals in need. Services include: gas vouchers, limited emergency shelter, presciptions, clothing and furnishings, emergency food, and use of its telephone for local calls to find jobs and housing. In-house laundry and handicapped assessable shower is available.


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