3rd Annual Independent Media Week – Ashland Oregon

Independent Media Week

3rd Annual Independent Media Week

Ashland Oregon – April 15-21, 2007

with special events starting a day before and Earthday on April 21.
Indi music, indi videos, indi media, guest speakers all week: including Earthday events. Mulkey Auditorium, SOU Campus, Bellview Grange and the Beanery in Ashland Oregon


Every Evening: Independent Media/Film Showcase, Unplugged Acoustic Entertainment from local indi performers and Student artists.



Our Day Before Earthday fundraiser concert Friday April 20 with Internationally known David Rovics http://www.davidrovics.com/
and a local favorite Patrick Dodd. http://www.patrickdodd.com/ and others…

April 14th – Pow Wow on campus.




Sunday April 15 – 3pm – Film Week Kick-off: KSKQ night at the movies & music. Guest artist: TBA. Barn Raising films, how to build a radio station, plus Woodburn Oregon Barn raising and possible Feature Film on lpfm broadcasting.
Sunday April 15 – George Mann, labor singer/songwriter CONCERT – Location: Beanery – 6:30 to 8 p.m
Hosted by: SO Jobs With Justice

Starting Mon-Thurs. 7pm to 10pm
Monday April 16 – STUDENTS FOR TRUTH

Tuesday April 17 – RED EARTH DESCENDANTS & Whistling Elk Drum: Native American films, live music and video highlights from Native Film Festival and video from native games.
Michael Vazquez http://www.redearthdescendants.org/home/


Wednesday April 18 – ROGUE IMC

Thursday April 19 – SOU MEDIA COLLECTIVE: Medical Marijuana documentary & Hemp Hemp Hurray documentary about Industrial Hemp by LB Johnson of Ashland.

Our Day Before Earthday fundraiser concert


Friday April 20 – Internationally known David Rovics &
local favorite Patrick Dodd concert at Belview Grange with vegan dinner.

Saturday April 21 – KSKQ heading up indy media
publicity/tabling at Earth Day Celebration with a micro-broadcast for
kids demonstration. Where kids of all ages can take turns being a DJ, listener, Phone Caller, announcer, and Engineer.
Email Terry@kskq.org if you would like to help with this



Invited to join:
SOU OSPIRG, http://www.ospirgstudents.org/
KSOC- http://www.sou.edu/su/ksoc/
RVTV – Ashland PEG Access



All groups will also provide valuable information booths and activities throughout the week and week before at the Stevenson Union hallway. For more info or to help volunteer: Jason@kskq.org

Stay Tuned!!! REF: last years proclamation: on Rogue Indi Media Center http://rogueimc.org/en/2005/04/4404.shtml

to be submitted to Ashland City Council.


* An informed citizenry is a cornerstone of democracy.
* An informed citizenry depends on unrestrained press, which provides greater access to information, more points of view and greater diversity of thought and fact.
* The trend toward the consolidation of media ownership has resulted in journalistic practices that hinder public awareness by excluding or marginalizing minority and dissenting viewpoints.
* Fewer media voices can result in homogenized messaging and the silencing of many points of view.
* Democratic principles support the case for more independent media in this country, not less.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, John W. Morris
on, Mayor of Ashland, do hereby proclaim the week of April 15 – 21 2007


and encourage all Ashland citizens to seek out and explore the rich diversity of independent media available within, and to our community.


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  1. Thank for making this valuable information available to the public.

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