Ashland Media Exchange – Free Books, Music, Movies!

Imagine a building that looks like a library, full of books, CDs and movies. And, like a library, you can take home anything you want – it’s all free. However, unlike a library, you don’t have to bring anything back – ever! There’s no such thing as overdue, and you’ll never be charged a late fee. Besides that, you’ll never be carded. It’s open to everyone – no membership card required. This describes the Ashland Media Exchange. How can that work? Who pays for it? We request that you donate any books, CDs or movies you’re no longer using, although we’re not keeping track. You aren’t obligated to bring anything, but we sure appreciate it if you can. You see, about 1% of the things people bring we can sell online. Many books about specialized topics, such as underwater welding, or how to tune a xylophone, are not of interest to the general public. They’d sit on the shelves forever. But, people who actually want such obscure titles will look for them online, where they can be worth a great deal. So, we sell 1% online, and put 99% in our front room, where you can take it home for free, and forever. Pretty good deal, eh?! Computers: We provide one public computer (so far), and WiFi, so bring your laptop, or use our computer, for full Internet access. Whispering: Well, that’s something else different about this ‘library.’ Please feel free to talk at a regular volume. Volunteers? Yes, please! We can use 5-minute drop-in volunteers to organize books on the shelves. We’d also love volunteers who want to take charge, do more, help out in any way they are particularly qualified and interested. 3175 E. Main St. (The far end of E Main St at Hwy 66, next to Secure Storage) – see map Ashland, OR 97520 Phone (541) 482-8799 Hours: Open Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday 11am to 6pm Closed Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (May be open additional times as well, but no guarantees)


5 responses to “Ashland Media Exchange – Free Books, Music, Movies!

  1. I will ‘check you out’; I found you through
    So, who are you? An intro. to the humans would be great!
    And thank you!

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  3. Think about it… Do you have any suggestions about my adventures mill A joke for you peoples! What does it mean when the flag’s at half mast at the post office? They’re hiring.

  4. hi,
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  5. This great Ashland resource for books and cd’s.

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