Peace Village Festival

Peace Village Festival at Jackson Wellsprings, August 24, 25, 26

Imagine a village birthed from our shared visions, deep longings, and ancestral memories of what could be, holding a resonance of peace that informs, inspires, and activates all who enter. This village is being
conceived and built with peace, sustainability, and respect as its guiding principles. All Peace organizations and Sustainability groups in the area are invited to join in this endeavor. All religious and spiritual groups and
community organizations are also invited. Local towns and businesses will be offered opportunities to be involved through booths and sponsorships. And an invitation will go out to everyone in the valley and in the hills to come and experience and participate in Peace Village, to take part in conversations about peace, to join in wisdom circles, to listen to the wise words of the elders and the youth, to take classes at the Multi-versity, to
browse and shop at the village bazaar, to hear wondrous music, to learn and
teach, to share and converse, to dance and play, and to celebrate. The event
will be kid friendly on every level, and will honor our elders. The desire
is for the involvement of the whole community, for people of good will from
all walks of life, all ages, all lifestyles, all paths and persuasions to
come together in the spirit of peace. For through us, Peace Prevails, and
ripples forth in all directions.

* A Community Event: for and by the community
* Whole community involved: all generations, all religious and spiritual
groups, ethnicities, demographics, lifestyles
* All regional peace organizations and sustainability groups involved
* Creation of a true Peace Village for one weekend
* Honoring of elders and children, with an elders’ circle and a kids¹ circle
and kids’ activities being woven into the fabric of the village and the
* Invite everyone who shares our desire to Learn, Live, Lead, and Leave a
Legacy of Peace.
* Measure of Success: the quality and quantity of Peace created, shared, and
brought home with each of us to our families and communities

The call has gone out. If it beckons to you, please respond and let us know
how you would like to join in this co-creation.

Many Thanks, Many Blessings, Infinite Peace,
The Peace Village Team

The Peace Village Core Team
Chris Iverson, Pam Vavra, Larry Morningstar, and others

In partnership with:
Jackson Wellsprings, Peace House, and Health Research Institute

Bring Your Piece!

Larry Morningstar
Peace Village Festival ~ Aug 24, 25, 26 ~ Ashland


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