Library Local Option Campaign Update

Dear Councilors,

I wish to thank you for filing the library local option measure in advance of the
July 19 deadline.

You may be interested to learn that:

The County Elections Dept has assigned it Measure Number 15-79.

The full text of M15-79 as filed with the County is available for viewing at:

A committee has been organized to campaign for its passage.  The particulars of the
Political Committee include the following.

NAME:  Committee to Open Ashland Library
TREASURER:  June Mather
DIRECTORS:  Amy Blossom and Pam Vavra Co-Chairs, Anne Billeter, Josh Gordon, Ann
Magill, John Sexton
ADDRESS:  P.O. Box 3598, Ashland, OR, 97520
PHONE: None yet, will be posted on when obtained
EMAIL: None yet, but feel free to email either Amy Blossom at or Pam Vavra at

Please note that early contributions are needed to pay for Arguments published in
the Voters’ Pamphlet, due Monday, July 23.  The filing fee for each Argument is $350
for up to 325 words.  Checks payable to “COAL” may be mailed to P.O. Box 3598,
Ashland, OR, 97520 and qualify for the Oregon Income Tax Credit of up to $50 per
person per year.

We plan to publish one Argument in the Voters’ Pamphlet that simply lists names of
endorsers.  We invite anyone who wishes to have their name included among those who
“urge support for M15-79 to re-open the Ashland Library” to contact us.  We will
strive to include as many names as space and funds permit.  The deadline for
submitting names and required signed SEL400 forms is Monday, July 23.

Organizations that have already expressed support include Ashland District School
Board, League of Women Voters in Ashland, and Service Employees International Union.

For folks who have questions or concerns, or want to get up to date on efforts to
re-open Ashland and other branch libraries, a group of library supporters meets
Mondays 7-9 PM at Peace House, 543 S. Mountain Avenue.  Meetings are open to the

Please feel free to join us and/or help spread the word.

Respectfully yours,
Pam Vavra


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