Peace Village Festival

Imagine a village birthed from our shared visions, deep longings, and ancestral memories of what could be, holding a resonance of peace that informs, inspires, and activates all who enter.

Preparations are being made for three-day festival, workshops, and discussions on peace, justice and sustainability, August 24, 25, 26 at Jackson Wellsprings in Ashland Oregon.

The Peace Village Festival is a kid-friendly event honoring our elders. This village is being conceived and built with peace, sustainability, and respect as its guiding principles.

All area Peace organizations and Sustainability groups are invited to join in this endeavor. All religious and spiritual groups and community organizations are also invited. Local communities and businesses will be involved through booths and sponsorships.

The groups involved represent a diverse range of interests and priorities, but share a common vision for peace, social justice to empower people, foster protect wildlife environments, and work to create sustainable communities.

The desire is for the involvement of the whole community, for people of good will from all walks of life, all ages, all lifestyles, all paths and persuasions to come together in the spirit of peace.

And an invitation goes out to everyone in the valley and in the hills to come and experience and participate in Peace Village, to take part in conversations about peace, to join in wisdom circles, to listen to the wise words of the elders and the youth, to take classes at the Multi-versity, to browse and shop at the village bazaar, to hear wondrous music, to learn and teach, to share and converse, to dance and play, and to celebrate.

The event will be kid friendly on every level, and will honor our elders. The desire is for the involvement of the whole community, for people of good will from all walks of life, all ages, all lifestyles, all paths and persuasions to come together in the spirit of peace. For through us, Peace Prevails, and ripples forth in all directions.

· A Community Event: for and by the community

· Whole community involved: all generations, all religious and spiritual groups, ethnicities, demographics, lifestyles

· All regional peace organizations and sustainability groups involved

· Creation of a true Peace Village for one weekend

· Honoring of elders and children, with an elders’ circle and a kids¹ circle and kids’ activities being woven into the fabric of the village and the event

· Invite everyone who shares our desire to Learn, Live, Lead, and Leave a Legacy of Peace.

· Measure of Success: the quality and quantity of Peace created, shared, and brought home with each of us to our families and communities

The call goes out. If it beckons to you, please respond and let us know how you would like to join in this co-creation.

Jackson Wellsprings is located at 2253 Highway 99 North, For info on booths, speakers or workshops contact:

Larry Morningstar

In partnership with:


Jackson Wellsprings, a 30 acre hot springs spa located 1.5 miles from the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in pastoral Ashland, Oregon specializes in mineral springs, swimming, hot water soaking and massage therapy. When you are RV and camping Oregon, Jackson Wellsprings offers a R.V. Park and tent camping.

WebSpirit is dedicated to enhancing the evolution of community through internet systems that provide communications and compassionate awareness. This includes the ongoing goal of providing complete information for activities and events, related services, personal needs, relocation integration, professional networking, and spiritual & social development. WebSpirit provides for business representation and is itself a model of “next paradigm” business.

Health Research Institute

Health Research Institute is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt educational trust that promotes physical, emotional, environmental, and spiritual health. HRI combines conventional and complementary approaches to health care with a philosophy that human well-being is dependent upon a healthy environment. Through research into the use of nutritional and botanical medicines and the application of a wide range of therapeutic modalities, HRI strives to educate and benefit both local and regional communities on a non-discriminatory basis.


KSKQ Community Radio

We are a community owned and operated radio station with a license to build from the FCC.We are members of many local community groups with varied interests who volunteer our time to build this valuable community resource for the greater health of the Rogue Valley.

Peace House

Peace House is a Southern Oregon hub for education and action committed to nonviolence and justice. We maintain a multi-issue profile, flexible to the concerns of the community and giving priority to issues that will motivate activism and change.

543 S. Mountain, Ashland, OR 97520 (541) 482-9625

Sentient Times

Sentient Times is a free bi-monthly magazine with more than 30,000 readers, serving Northern California and Southern Oregon. Each issue includes a variety of articles on Community, the Environment, Psychology, Spirituality, Politics, Technology, Health, Business, Astrology, Herbs, Nutrition, Evolving Consciousness and Creativity.

Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library

RVML is a volunteer-operated organization providing easy access to a variety of metaphysical, spiritual, and paranormal subjects. In addition to our lending library, RVML also organizes meetings and events including our free Video & Lecture Series.

Thrivability Institute

We envision a world that is thriving – alive, expansive, pulsing with infinite creativity, possibilities and the sheer joy of being – in which global evolution is propelled by the conscious moment to moment choices of each individual exploring and expressing their unique passions and gifts, fully supported, reflected, and amplified in the presence of others.
Thrivability Home

The Jai Consciousness Foundation

Shazna Jai, Founder The Jai Consciousness Foundation 541-482-2301

Walk in Peace

The goal of Walk In Peace is to establish a sanctuary for elders

The Gathering Place

Bellview Community Grange

Bellview Grange 1050 Tolman Creek Road Ashland, OR 97520



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