Rogue Brewery to Buy Green Dragon

Rogue Ales is purchasing the Portland pub the Green Dragon Pub and Bistro. As first reported on Brewpublic “What started out as one of the best beer bars in Portland will simply become another Rogue location.”

According to Rogue Ale attorney Brian Schweppenheiser “no employees at the Green Dragon have been fired, we do not have new employees “lined up”, the proposed purchase is not final and is subject to regulatory approval.”

Ed Schwartz, majority owner of the Green Dragon reported that “I am trying to do what is best for the employees”

“We’re looking at Wednesday-ish.” he said “There will be no interuption of service but if and when it goes through, (Rogue) will shut it down for a few days.” As of right now: “Nothing has been signed.”

Papers are to be expected to be signed Friday (November 14).

Rogue publicist Brett Joyce, assured to Willamette Week there is no plan to change the Dragon. “Green Dragon has a great reputation in Portland. We have a high respect for that, and we do not intend to change it.” Joyce added that, assuming Rogue’s takeover of the bar is accepted by the Commission (which is probable), the bar will continue to offer many guest taps and host visiting brewers. Green Dragon, he said, will “become part of the Rogue DNA,” but retain the identity that has made it so popular.

The Newport-based compant originally opened as a Brewery and Pub along Lithia Creek in Ashland, Oregon in October 1988.  Since then Rogue Ales has expanded to locations including Newport, Portland, Astoria, Eugene and San Francisco.


One response to “Rogue Brewery to Buy Green Dragon

  1. I love working for Rogue…. I’ve been with them for a while now and they have been nothing but supportive. Its wonderful to work in a place where you see the owners everyday and they know not only your name, but your childrens names. there not just off collecting checks but in there everyday doing the simple things, such as reminding usnot to forget to do a bathroom check every hour. After working in corporate america for years, and now working for rogue. I relize how blessed I am to work for them. Not only are they great guys who make the best beer, but they care and look at the big picture. If you know anything about this company, you know they are not just in it for the money or the potential money. They are in it to help spread the news of great beer. Thank god someone is. As for the staff of the green dragon I hope you enjoy these changes, if you let it , it will take you far. Welcome to Rogue guys.

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