May 1st Caravan for Immigration Reform!!

Unete invites you to join us, along with Oregon Action and Jobs with Justice for our May 1st Caravan for Immigration Reform!!

Meet us at 1:00pm in the Bi-Mart parking lot in Ashland, (2nd Ashland exit on I5 and to the right)
We’ll travel through Talent, Phoenix, pass by large local companies that employ high numbers of immigrants, orchards, and finish the caravan in Medford. After the caravan join us for hotdogs in Hawthorne Park!!  (In front of Sears in Medford)

Yes, that all american food was brought here by immigrants!!

After the passage of anti-immigrant bill 1070 in Arizona that legalizes racial profiling, we, as a community must say NO to these tactics and move our senators and representatives to say YES to Comprehensive Immigration Reform NOW!!!

Decorate your car with PRO Immigration Reform Messages!!!

Look for the red white and blue balloons!!  Please, no flags from other countries.

Participants are expected to obey all traffic laws and show courtesy to drivers not participating in the event.  The success and safety of this caravan depends on YOU!!

On March 21 we had nearly 200 cars. Let’s double that this time!!!

For more information please contact Unete at  541-840-9669  or 541-245-1625

SI Se puede SI se puede SI se puede SI se puede SI se puede


One response to “May 1st Caravan for Immigration Reform!!

  1. great event, thanks for the informative post

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