KSKQ Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Moving from low-power to full-power is a big deal. After a decade of planning & prep. So. Oregon’s KSKQ has been approved for expansion to full-power. The Multicultural Association of So. Oregon holds the license and is launching an innovative, online campaign to fund a new antenna & hardware using kickstarter.com, to complement local efforts including grants and a capital campaign.

MEDFORD, Ore. – August 3, 2010 – KSKQ, Rogue Valley’s non-profit community radio station, today announced the launch of a modest local capital campaign and online fundraiser to underwrite the acquisition of a new antenna and hardware for the station’s transition from low-power to full-power FM broadcasting. The effort is one of the first local campaigns to use Kickstarter.com, an online fund-raising platform that connects projects with donors worldwide. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1934420337/be-the-community-in-community-radio

Licensed by the FCC, KSKQ is administered by the Multicultural Association of Southern Oregon. Its mission is to produce community radio that empowers the residents of the Rogue Valley; builds sustainable and resilient communities through the exchange of ideas; and, celebrates cultural diversity. Located at 94.9 on the FM dial, KSKQ was conceived in 2000 and licensed as a low-power station in late 2005. It began streaming its signal on the Internet in 2005, finally broadcasting over the air at a mere 100 watts. The station’s goal is to be broadcasting to all of Jackson County by November 1st.

“We are excited about bringing our new full-power signal and local programming to an even larger audience with greater reach and coverage,” said station manager Jason Houk. “The addition of the new transmitter and antenna hardware will extend our listening area to the most distant points in our region.”

The station has set a goal for the Kickstarter campaign at $50,000. To participate in Kickstarter’s program, a project must first be approved by the staff, and feature a number of benefits for backers. KSKQ was advised by their Kickstarter mentor to be creative, so the following benefit levels were established.

Pledge $10 or more
Love art? And computer games? Regular donors will receive a fabric, mouse pad with KSKQ’s logo – designed by gaming legend Rob Landeros of Medford, who was responsible for many of the most popular games in digital gaming history. Run your mouse around in style. And know that you made it happen. In addition to these, tangible awards…backers will be recognized by name on the air during the course of the station’s first quarter of operation at full-power.

Pledge $50 or more
Love Music? Major backers who contribute $50 or more will have a song composed and performed for them, based on their input and preferences, by one of several local musical groups who are regulars on KSKQ programming. Andy Casad, http://www.andycasad.com, is an up-and-coming instrumentalist in the mold of Andy McKee. He makes his acoustic guitar sing in unexpected ways. The Rogue Suspects, http://www.theroguesuspects.com/, play rock & roll as well as some Blues. Backers who select the Rogue Suspects have a vocalist to work with. Brian Freeman, http://www.brianfreemanffm.com/, is a “Kilted,” Celtic bard who will compose a Ballad, Ode, Jig or Reel for backers who prefer single-malt whiskey. Make your song a dedication, or a statement. It’s up to you.

Pledge $100 or more
Love Books? Ashland, Oregon Publisher White Cloud Press offers backers four paper-back volumes that speak to enlightenment and spirituality. A set of four books will reward pledges of $100. Physicians of the Souls: The Psychologies of the World’s Greatest Spiritual Teachers by Robert M May PhD. The Master: Parables for Enlightenment by Kevin Edwards. Creating Consciousness: A Study of Consciousness, Creativity, Evolution and Violence by Albert Low
Waking Up in America by Ken Taub.

Pledge $500 or more
Love Wine? KSKQ is located in So. Oregon’s Rogue Valley. If that doesn’t have you thinking “big red wines” already, it should. $500 backers will receive a bottle of Valley View Vineyards, estate grown and bottled Applegate Valley wine with the label and a “thank-you” letter signed by the winemaker. Music, community & great wine. They all just seem to go together.

KSKQ has a pending federal grant for a portion of the funding, the online campaign target represents the remainder. To this funding, the board of directors will add the proceeds of a community capital campaign that will fund the 1st yr. of high-power operations. At that point, KSKQ expects to be self-sufficient.

“The region needs this service because the only other non-commercial radio broadcaster in our area presents only 30% local programming,” said Connie Saldana, who represents the Multicultural Association and is leading the fundraising effort. “Through partnerships with groups like Medford’s Kids Unlimited, Red Earth Descendents and the Rogue Valley Independent Media Collaborative, KSKQ gives voice to the under-represented, to ethnic minorities as well as to community activists & non-profits. The country needs KSKQ because in the era of corporate communications giants, we stream authentic, user-produced programming from the Rogue Valley on the Internet.”

KSKQ’s studios are currently located at 330 Hersey Street, #2, Ashland, OR 97520. Online, at: http://www.kskq.org. The station’s license is held by the Multicultural Association of Southern Oregon. Programs offered span the full spectrum of music genres and a full range of subject material including labor, economic and environmental sustainability, Spanish-language programming, voter information & education as well as small business targeted shows. No one with an idea is denied access, no particular point-of-view is emphasized at the expense of another. KSKQ has been a regular sponsor of Independent Media Week. The station hosts a “Kids Radio Club,” in partnership with Kids Unlimited in Medford. Local on-air talent hosts most of KSKQ’s programming, with a wide variety of music, talk and news.

For more information, contact: Charlie McHenry
541.840.2243 or,
Connie Saldana

e-mail:: charlie.mchenry@gmail.com homepage:: http://www.kskq.org


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