WordPress Beginners Workshop at CultureWorks

Here is an upcoming workshop that would be ideal for folks new to WordPress content management system:

Do You:
> Currently have your website built using WordPress, but don’t understand aspects of how it works and how to update it?
> Want to build your new website within a tight budget, and need ideas for how to create a site while staying Frugal?
> Need your Questions answered about how to use a WordPress Blog or how to integrate a Blog into your site?
> Want to understand the difference between Pages & Posts, and want to underst…and what a Plugin is & how to use it?
> Want to completely overhaul and re-structure your old site using WordPress and want to see how it works before you launch the construction of your new site?
> Feel like a Technological Luddite from 1983 and need some serious hand-holding on how to do any of this Internet / WordPress stuff?
> Want to understand WordPress like a Pro so you can use it easefully without having to go to your webdesigner to pay for minor updates?

My name is Sitka, and I am a webdesigner. I work with WordPress to build websites for clients, and I can answer many of your questions about how to understand and use WordPress for your website. WordPress is currently the most popular CMS (Content Management System) available, and is easy to use – and yet still, people have many questions about how to use it. We will go over many of the basics; from website hosting, to installing wordpress, to premium or free templates, to pages & posts, and More!! I’m available and happy to be your guide to help answer your questions and help you make sense of this user-friendly CMS. Please arrive with a LAPTOP and your Questions! We will have a Projector Display to work together to answer questions from basic to advanced; for all levels of understanding – from techno geeks to luddites from the stone age!!!

It is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to RSVP for this class, as space is limited to 12 people!

When: Saturday December 4th @ 2pm – 5pm
Where: Culture Works
Cost: Sliding Scale – $20-$30 per person
in Ashland, OR

For More Information, Please Visit: Divine-by-Design.com
RSVP by calling Sitka: 503.333.1242  or email: info@divine-by-design.com


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