A Social Media Gathering in Southern Oregon

via ConverStations:

Several years ago (Nov ’06), my friend Terry Starbucker rolled into Des Moines. Business blogging was really just getting started. About 10 of us gathered to meet with Terry for coffee and an “institution” was born.

Central Iowa Bloggers (#CIB). My has this group grown! Now, on any given 1st Friday, 80-100 people might flow through at various times and lengths, talking about how Social Media is (or isn’t) helping their business.

In Akron, OH – Chris Brown and others started up an ABC group to do likewise. Though I’ve not yet been able to visit their group, I’m sure some great conversations have been had around the coffee tables.

These “coffees” are always energizing and educational, and I’m hoping we can do the same in Southern Oregon.

So this Friday – the first Friday or the month – several business bloggers/Twitterers/Facebookers are gathering at Downtown Grounds (map) at or around 7:30 to ignite similar conversations.

Folks I know will be there:

* Ginger Johnson from Women Enjoying Beer (and a former conversation/coffee cohort at the Iowa events)
* Mike Frey and Tisha Oehmen from Paradux Media
* Brooke from Downtown Grounds (though she’ll be working)
* Myself – from ConverStations:-)

Folks who should come:

* Anyone interested in how/why/if Social Media is right for their small business, or how they can improve their efforts — or best yet, how they can share how the rest of us can improve ours.


Read more: http://www.converstations.com/2011/01/a-social-media-gathering-in-southern-oregon-.html#ixzz1AHgj0Fme


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