A Concert to Remember

The most RADICAL Singer / Songwriters  from East and West, Together in Ashland for …

A Concert to Remember

Free Speech by Ellen Gabehart

George Mann with Mark Ross and Patrick Dodd performance to mark the 100th anniversary of the “Wobbly Walk”

Thursday, April 7th, 7 PM – 9 PM
Ashland Historic Railroad Museum
258 “A” Street, Suite 7
$10 suggested admission, no one turned away!

George Mann is a New York City-based labor activist and organizer who has toured for many years and produced the “Hail To The Thief!” anti-Bush CD compilation series.  His newest release is the veterans compilation “Until You Come Home” songs for veterans and their kin. www.georgemannmusic.com

George will be joined by Mark Ross, Eugene Oregon’s most famous unknown folksinger, storyteller, raconteur and multi-instrumentalist.You can hear some of his work at www.lehnherr.com/butte/.

Also joining the celebration is Southern  Oregon’s most radical singer/songwriter Patrick Dodd writes “social justice” music from the living room to the front lines of the resistance. Patrick’s music educates, motivates and empowers the masses to stand up and resist injustice. www.patrickdodd.com

What was the Wobbly Walk through the Siskiyous?
In February 1911, over a hundred members of the IWW left Portland on freight trains bound for Fresno, The group consisted of young working men willing to die for free speech. They risked being beaten by strike breakers.

Nearly a hundred Wobblies made the hazardous trek south by foot through the snow-covered Siskiyous after being kicked out of the box cars in Ashland. By the end of their trek they had walked roughly 150 miles across the frozen Siskiyous.

“History forgets more heroes than it remembers…Those Wobblies warrant memory.” ~ Jay Mullen

For more information visit http://www.sojwj.org/home/wobbly-walk/


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